Saturday, 24 August 2013

BINDI,BANGLES & BEAUTY -BY ABHAYA SHARMA(life & style@ishtailista)

Neha, one of my good friends asked my mother why she was not wearing Bindi ? She asked with a tone of surprise. As if my mother has not filed  FIR of her stolen iphone (even if we don’t have one). My mother expressed her feeling of getting irritated by a small solid on her forehead in this hot summer. They continued talking about how important it is to wear bindi for a married woman and how odd can it look if one doesn’t wear it ! Once Neha went back, my mother asked my sister for a red sketch pen. She said, “People” ask why I am not wearing Bindi, so I should make it with sketch pen- particularly Red, The sign of a married woman! My sister could find one sketch and my mother finally had a Bindi on her forehead.

Haah !!! I was just observing all this and so wanted to say, it should be your wish to put on a Bindi, and it should make you feel good. Now what the hell society got to do with it! But I have seen, society ‘cares’ a lot about ‘society’. I was anyways happy with my mother’s relief. She, now, does not have to care about the summer. I bought her a new red marker.

You can see, how important an accessory becomes part of your own body, once you get married.

And there, I could remember a day when a little ‘less educated’ female tailor asked me if I am married. Hahah, I so wanted to say yes! (I could make many fake stories about my fiancĂ©). But I smiled and said no, I am not married. I did not ask why only on that particular day she asked me this question. I knew the reason- a little black Bindi on my forehead.

The Bindi is silent, but the society communicates.     

But why do I have to care about the question raised by people ! Sometimes I ask myself a question, will I be able to wear a ‘Mangalsutra’ or ‘Wedding Ring’ forever if I get married? The answer is not always very positive. Because I cannot hold onto one accessory for a long run!
But today, I would love to wear a Bindi and  bangles in my left hand. Now many of my friends might think these bangles are going to take away the mobility from my work. But no, the sound and shine of the bangles keeps me alive. As if they are saying we are not yet done with the work. We are still fresh, keep going. And the Bindi, I  was  not very serious about it until somebody suggested me of it, That it will look beautiful on my face. Well, the trial really worked !!

Wearing a  sexy black jeans and  top with colourful  bangles in your hand is a great combination for me!! And an orange ‘chunni’ will make it look perfect. Young, charming, confident, smart and intelligent yet shining and notorious personality. Wearing colourful bangles make me more of myself. Different from the crowd. Why don’t you experiment this too! You must be having matching bangles and Bindi with your Lehenga. Take them out and wear it today with any of your daily-wear dress & go out with your friends. See how it is going to make you feel so different this time.  

Traditionally Bindi and Bangles signifies you are married. But my Bindi and bangles, they signifies that today, I am truly feeling the beauty of my own body today( and let me tell you, I really don’t feel it on the daily basis, hahaha!)

So whats your idea behind your Bindi and Bangles? What does they signifies ?    



  1. As rebellious and innovative as always. Well thought- a small object like bindi can be the center of an entire thought-chain! keep up the good work. all the best :)

  2. THINGS were just started by one coz they found that full of life n a creative idea & then the so called SOCIETY made it a compulsion as if without those things the life will not work good... anyways A SUPERB thought n EXELLENTLY expressed....... only you can present it like this.. all the best.. you have a lot TALENT.. go and let the world enjoy it....... <3 love you..