Saturday, 24 August 2013

BRAINS vs BRANDS!! by GARGI JAIN(Young & Dumb@ishtailista)

While walking through the street markets of Mumbai I asked myself why a label of “ZARA” on your dress is so important that you decrease the value of yourself and the value of your dress is more.
Whether its Mumbai or Delhi, Jaipur or Pune….youngsters are enchanting the names of brands every now n then, brands have become so important that they don’t mind showing half of their ass if  their panty says its of “CK”(Calvin klein). They don’t mind spending 4 to 5k just for a simple Tee with a brand logo on it, it may not look fashionable or stylish but definitely they are “young and dumb”.
Brands have got in nerves of people that they don’t forget to speak up the name whenever they get chance, after partying like hell I and my best friend returned to her flat, both of us dressed up beautifully, she wore ZARA and I wore ummm…..dunno. While changing, half in sleep and half still in tipsy state she just shouted “I wanna take this ZARA off myself”, I couldn’t stop laughing and just thought even after getting drunk what all she feels is she went to party wearing bloody ZARA.
Is it lack of knowledge or too much of knowledge which are making these brands so powerful that they run on profit margin of 100%, are we that dumb or we are so materialistic that we dress up for people more than to please ourselves.
I would rather buy an amazing dress from Colaba (Mumbai)or janpath(Delhi) wear it twice and get another one rather than buying a very normal ZARA dress spending 6-7k on it and wearing it many times and getting clicked in the
same dress.

The war has started between the brains and brands!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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