Friday, 30 August 2013

HONEY I WILL MANAGE IT! -by Abhimanyu Singh Rathore

I was on my way back to Jaipur from Pune, but the train stopped at a very small station in Rajasthan(I dont’t even remember the name of  station) . I was waiting for the train to move , but I heard from my fellow passengers about some signal problem.  I had no choice but to observe people at the station( I just had Elle india which I flipped atleast 15 times  and had no new tracks on my android). Observing unknown people about their behaviour and specially the way they dress(love capturing them too SECRETLY). My eyes popped out  to a lady in Pink saree. She was with her husband and most probably was on the way to home . She was adjusting the pallu(saree drape) continuously and was holding a heavy bag, while on the other hand her husband was standing still with a suitcase (adjusting nothing!). I noticed , it was difficult for the lady, on one hand to maintain pallu over her head and on the other  to carry luggage as well. The only question arises who invented such a difficult drape? I know pre-draped saree, chotu saree ,stitched saree ,etc exists but I am talking about common man infact a rural women, where such ready-made saree doesn’t exists in their wardrope. I think most probably there must be a man behind such problematic invention, because why would a woman will design a trouble for herself. No offence to saree but what about the women of this story, now what does a man wants from her? just to tell him politely“oh honey I will manage it”. The question still remains a question to me, WHY?

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