Wednesday, 11 September 2013

THE RETURN OF SUPERMODEL ERA- by Abhimanyu Singh Rathore

Finally, ‘the supermodel era’ in India is back.  But wait do my family members (not from fashion) or my neighbours know about Archana Akil Kumar or Preeti dhata? No they don’t. ‘ The supermodel era’  also means that models should be household names, like I remember my mother used to know the name of Madhu Sapre or Shyamoli Varma, back in the 90s. Now let’s talk about why I am chanting about ‘the era’, I recently saw models on the cover of Indian editions of leading fashion magazines one after the other. You maybe thinking what’s big deal to see models on the cover of fashion magazines, but it really is a big thing as our Indian editions keep featuring Bollywood stars on the cover, so having a model on cover is rare in India. Like Archana Akil Kumar who graced the cover of Grazia India, Elle India(along with Rasika Navare), Klick to name a few. Archana is not only on the cover of magazines but also the face of India’s popular designer labels including the latest SatyaPaul ad campaign, Tarun Tahiliani and many more to fill the list. With unconventional features, dusky skin and a delicate frame makes Archana  no less than the next Lakshmi Menon. Not only Archana but a new brigade of Indian models like Natasha Ramachandram, Jyotsna Chakraborthy, Preeti Dhata are no less than a supermodel . They are on the cover of magazines, top fashion weeks, ad campaigns and almost on every fashion image in India. I am really not much into why these faces are everywhere but am truely enjoying to see the new brigade of  Indian supermodels  everywhere, they deserve more than a bollywood celebrity to be a face of each and everything about fashion. No B-town actress can pose like them as these models do ,wearing winter clothes in the scorching heat or a tankini in cold winters. Even the glamorous expressions and killer attitude, no actress can beat that. Definitely these models have won my heart and soon will win many of yours too. Cheers to our Indian models ! Cheers to the supermodel era! 

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