Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Blind Trend Followers-By Vrinda Bachchan

Article by-Vrinda Bachchan
Picture-Abhimanyu Singh Rathore

Fashion is one of those phenomenons that are not universally consistent. It is one of those ever changing, ever evolving occurrences that are individualistic, rather than general. Sure, we may categorize trends each season: what’s hot, what’s not, the “new black”, biggest trends on the runways and so on. But it is not essential that these trends are suitable for each and every fashion conscious being in the universe.
It is up to us to not follow trends blindly and select carefully what we wear so that we do not fall under that joke of a category, “fashion disasters”. More often than not it happens that the gorgeous outfit that we see in a magazine editorial – yes, the one that we think can make anyone look as effortlessly chic as the model wearing it – would make us look totally and unutterably “un-chic”. The reason? Well, it might not be the best suited cut for our body shape or height, or it might not be all that flattering to our color. 
For instance, if you are short, horizontal stripes will make you look like a midget, whereas vertical stripes will give the illusion of added height. You can really trust me on this as the only people who are shorter than me are dwarfs and hobbits. So if you are on the smaller side, go for vertical stripes, no matter how cool you think horizontal stripes look. Unless, of course, you do want to resemble woodland creatures!
 There are two other factors, apart from your height, that you need to keep in mind while out shopping: your body shape and your coloring. You do not want to buy any color that would make your own complexion look dull, no matter how many designers have proclaimed it the “new black”. If pink doesn’t suit you, don’t wear it. End of story. Same is the case with your shape. If an outfit is not flattering to your figure, don’t wear it, even if it is being heavily featured on the runways.
When people blindly follow the trends that they see in magazines or runways or red carpets, they usually end up looking like they are headed for the fancy dress. Not pretty. Something that might look great on your BFF might not do the same for you. So, my advice is that you carefully choose the trends from each fashion season that are most flattering to you and save yourself the pain of being called a disaster. Because real Ishtailistas do not follow trends blindly and never end up as fashion disasters.

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