Saturday, 5 October 2013

अनाग्मिन by Abhaya Sharma

picture by-Abhimanyu Singh Rathore
अनाग्मिन, she never looks back. She is always aspiring to juncture with the present. Today is momentous, but sometimes recalling of old memories helps you progress. She is going to get married today. Reflecting about all the notorious days of her youth, she is searching for her diary, the place where she documents her special moments with photographs and words. That scandalous date in the pub with the thief is unforgettable. She was wearing mirror work embroidered dress that night. The mirrors had their own charismatic reflection, incomparable with those lights in the pub. Every time the mirror reflects on other men, he would push her closer to him. “Sometimes you have to choose the perfect dress, and occasionally you become one perfect with the dress”
‘Well well, come back to the present’ she reminds herself. She is day dreaming of getting more notorious for her forthcoming dates with her husband. She still wants to call them dates, as the element of gag and comicality still remains.
Noticing the mehandi on her legs, she says, ‘damn it! I need to make it look more creative. We are in Rajasthan anyway.’ She enhanced the detailing of heena mehendi with pink and blue pens. ‘It creates the perfect impression now” she smiles and thinks.
She opens one of the page of the diary where she finds a photo of herself teaching basic sew technique to the young girls of Jaisalmer. ‘wow’, she shouts with the sound of excitement. She was helping them to make a better living. Rajasthan covers the largest area of India but wistfully it has lowest female literacy rate. They were also planning to open a stall for all the beautiful dresses they had created, tourist season was on it’s peak.
‘Come back, अनाग्मिन, come back. Today is for writing your feelings remaining virgin and unmarried last time. ‘I am nervous; many long sarees will be taking place in my wardrobe. He is firm, courageous, adventurous, pleasing and adorable. And I love him. We will be bringing more colours into each other’s life”, she writes. “No, I cant write more. Sitting at a place is irritating. I have a disease called restless soul syndrome, I guess”. Finding the moment bothersome she screeched.  “Take a deep breath अनाग्मिन, everything is on track” she consoles herself.
There was a voice, coming from outdoors, “अनाग्मिन, now is the time to get ready for this beauteous and magnificent day. You need to look angelic; he won’t be able to take his eye off you”     

अगम, her going to be husband, fantasizing about her, realizes her arriving to mandap. He thinks, “There she is, garland in her hands. And she.. and she is here with her own fashion statement. That is why I love her. She is of her own rules, standing in front of me with her bewitching smile, inviting eyes and her ravishing wedding dress- jeans beneath red transparent lehanga. As if she is giving statement – marriage is not going to take away my gleaming youthfulness. I carry my own rules, always remember!  His friends are whistling, must have been jealous of him. Few women can be found gossiping about her dress. अगम envisions,   “Who can wear jeans on her wedding anyway. She is my wife, अनाग्मिन. 

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