Saturday, 16 August 2014

Do you really understand Art?

Pictures and text by Abhimanyu Singh Rathore
Once I was passing through the Jaipur house,New delhi and suddenly I noticed a giant steel installation in outside promises of a gallery and than the board 'National Gallery of Modern Art' , that's how I ended visiting the creative place. I really had no clue that what was the thought process or idea behind the steel art but it appealed very interesting yet surreal to me. After spending almost 10 minutes gazing continuously at the steel art I started brainstroming about what the artist want to potray through this. Honestly at first glimpse it reminded me of how my mother used to wash the utensils after dinner and the how the clean steel utensils were kept randomly to dry , never thought that randomness of shiny steel utensils might create something giant yet beautiful piece of art like this. Subodh Gupta is the man behind this beautiful art and I think his piece is quite successful in terms of grabbing the eye balls of almost every person passing via Jaipur House , whether interested in art or not but yes interested to see the lustrous installation again and again.

My recent obsession to read more about Indian artists started with Verve magazine's july 2014 issue , the team has done tremendous effort to make the perfect combination of art and fashion together(Kalki koechlin styled by Nisha Jhangiani and captured by Jatin Kampani is visual retreat for fashion-art lovers), though I think fashion is a part of art but still it's a very debadable . So I decided to explore almost all the art galleries of New Delhi in coming month, to find out is it important to know meaning behind every piece of art? , isn't art meant to be beautiful or it can be ugly as well and what are those people in sartorial attires thinking & noticing the art works so seriously. So I started the chapter with National Gallery of Modern art.

When I went inside had to submit my camera (for obvious reasons) I saw art explosion in terms of square frames, rectangle frames, installations , 3-d paintings ,etc. Now I can only tell what I was thinking looking at the art works and at what extent I understood the meaning behind it. Best thing I love about art is that you can term anything which is expressed out of mind can be termed as 'art'.

Since I always relate fashion to art , I went inside the gallery to find inspiration for my kitschy style shoots and yes I was influenced (from more than a dozen of artworks) ,when I looked at paintings with human forms.

Now most of the abstract art (like most of us) even I couldn't understood . I simply tagged them as 'beautiful' , ugly and sort of these kind of adjectives on the basis of color selection, negative- positive space and maybe sometimes symmetry plays an important role. But what surprises me are the people looking at the pieces as if they completely understand the artistic mind or trying to understand . But what I think the artist maybe just expressed the melange of his mood through colors or there is no particular term to define that mood or feeling and color seems to be the only medium to satisfy his curious impatient mind and at the end of the day maybe even the artist cannot explain his work through words. I think it's not meant to be explained or do we need a explaination for that art work before buying it for our drawing room walls? I am still figuring it out.

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