Sunday, 21 June 2015

When the Pleats Dance

 'When the pleats dance'
Exhibition of Bharatnatyam costumes from dancer Geeta Chandran's collection
Curator Sandhya Raman
Venue-IIC,India International Centre,New Delhi
Photographs by Abhimanyu Singh Rathore

As I was continuing my research on traditional indian costumes I came through this beautiful exhibition by designer Sandhya Raman, who created outfits for classical dancer Geeta Chandran. The exhibition beautifully defines the journey of the dancer through the costumes she wore during various stage performances. Bharatnatyam,a classical dance form from Tamil Nadu was traditionally performed in hindu temples to worship gods & goddesses.

Key Features
1.'Bha' for bhava which means expressions.
2. 'Ra' for raga,which is melody.
3.'Ta' for tala, which is very intricate part of dance deals with rhythmic aspects of the dance.
Costumes reflect the changing moods.
 The teaching of the dance form also incorporates the secrets & mysteries of 'aharya' (make-up,costumes & jewellery)
                               Designer tries to marry the fabric to the spirit od the dancer.

Brocade pleats samples.

                                   In Bharatnatyam one gesture can define lot of emotions

Bharatnatyam demonstrates our epics and poetries.

Dancers use ghungroo (musical anklet) to make the feet steps melodious.

            Geeta Chandran in 2008, the readers of TOI voted her as the hottest dancer of Delhi.

Indian gods and goddesses motifs on the jeweled belt.

Costume illustrations by designer Sandhya Raman.

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